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Upgrading Legacy Software

Many companies are dependant on old software. Very often the the programmers are no longer available, and the software house itself may no longer be in business.

We have experience in setting right programs like this. When possible, we work on the original source code. When this is not available it is usually possible to write a second program to add new functionality, or to extract the business information into another system.

We can work with most popular programming languages.

We specialize in the following corporate arenas:
  • Small business project development for small to medium enterprise
  • Departmental systems for larger enterprises
Specialist services include:
  • Full software life cycle development
  • Upgrading legacy software
  • Data migration from old legacy systems to new systems
  • Importing bulk data from external sources
  • Web development
We use Agile practices whose aim is to achieve reliable delivery of high quality software.
Jamie Oglethorpe is the principal member of the Close Corporation and has been developing software since graduating with a BSc Honours degree in 1976.
Contact details:
    Cell: 082 826 6697
    Fax: 011 442 2980
    E-mail: Jamie Oglethorpe